The Great BBC

On our honeymoon, we discovered the BBC—Bailey's Banana Colada. Our resort in Costa Rica had a half-price happy hour each night, so we treated ourselves to several during the trip.
Of course, when you try to re-create fond memories, they never turn out quite as good as you remember. But our homemade BBCs were pretty close. Here is a general recipe, but feel free to tweak as you like. We've also added Malibu or piña colada to the mix. Note that we did bring home a set of bamboo straws which does add a great deal of authenticity. Enjoy!
2 bananas, broken into chunks 
6 fluid ounces banana liqueur 
6 fluid ounces Irish cream liqueur 
6 fluid ounces coconut cream 
6 cups crushed ice

In a blender combine the bananas and banana liqueur; blend until smooth. Blend in the Irish cream and coconut cream (Note: Make sure the coconut cream is at room temperature, or you will not be able to pour it). Finally, add the ice and blend until smooth. 

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