DIY: Old Book Kindle Cover

We all know I love books. A lot. But since I've succumbed to the e-reader, it's been a great way to save my back on the commute and on vacations. My mother is a fellow bookworm—she's probably at fault for my obsession. And since I've been wanting to try my hand at one of these projects for awhile, I thought Mother's Day seemed like a good excuse to get out the Modge Podge!

I did a little research for ideas (blogger Quentin Lewis has a good, albeit different, approach), ordered my book from Amazon and then went to buy supplies...


Read and Think: Mommy Wars

Today's post has nothing to do with my apartment and everything to do with the home I wish to someday create. Have you heard about the "mommy wars"? Everyone from Ann Romney to Time magazine has gotten pulled into the debate one way or the other. Work full-time or stay-at-home? Breast-feed or use formula? If you breast feed, for how long? Do you let your kid cry it out or let them sleep in your bed? To spank or not to spank? To ground or not to ground? So many issues that we can disagree about, and ultimately, it all feels so counter-feminist to me, so unproductive. As a working woman who (currently) plans to continue working for awhile, I wrestle with the very idea of the choices I'll face when I have children. But isn't the very goal of feminism — and of equality — that I get to make that decision? I'm not naive enough to believe that I can be at every carpool, bring every forgotten lunch or tuck them in every night if I work 5 days a week. But maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to work and be the mother I hope to one day be. We'll see.


Wishlist: White Owls

It's common knowledge that I love owls. But lately, I've been seeing a lot of white, ceramic and resin ones in fun yet functional shapes. Clean lines and color minimize the quirky factor and make them easier to integrate into a more traditional space. I love that they're both beautiful and practical. (I confess that I already own numbers 6 and 7.) Got any other white owl ideas? Send them my way!


NYFW: Naeem Khan

This year was the first time I got to cover the tents at NY Fashion Week. It was, in short, thrilling. I won't pretend that filing into our seats, then waiting for 30 minutes for the 15-minute show to start was that exciting. But when the lights dim and the music pulses and the models walk out wearing clothes like these, it's hard to not get caught up in it all. I got to attend about a dozen shows that I may or may not write about, but for now, I wanted to post my favorite show: Naeem Khan.

Khan's clothes have been worn by everyone from Beyoncé to Carrie Underwood, Emily Blunt to Angie Harmon—even Michelle Obama is a fan. The Indian-born designer launched his eponymous line in 2003 but it's taken off in recent years. I don't claim to be a fashion expert, but I appreciate elegance and detail. In those regards, these dresses speak for themselves. Now, if only I had an event worthy of wearing them... For now, enjoy the eye candy!


Hollywood Home: George Clooney

Okay, I am having major lust... over George Clooney's house.

It's also just a great portrait of an actor/activist/director. Enjoy!


Bookshelf: The Hunger Games Trilogy

(Image courtesy of Scholastic)
I will write more on this soon, but we've been working on a special Hunger Games issue at work. To prepare, I read the first book in the series. And then the second... and the third. I devoured them. I was completely sucked in for several days—reading on the subway, reading at home, reading on every break I could manage. 
At the risk of sounding like a teen-lit junkie, I believe they are infinitely better-written than those vampire books. (Probably tied with the wizard ones.) Suzanne Collins' prose is beautiful, eloquent and simple. Her characters are complex, and you actually begin to care if they survive or find any sort of happiness. The three main characters are far from perfect, but they have depth and strength and a certain believability. (I even recommended that my teenage sister read the books, which I never, ever did for the other books. Who would ever want their sister to emulate Bella Swan?) I've been hearing a lot about Team Gale vs. Team Peeta, but to be honest, I have to agree with Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays the tribute Clove: "I'm very much Team Katniss—whatever her decision is. The story is about Katniss,not about the whole love-triangle thing. It's about survival."
And, just for fun, check out this Hunger Games promo that was mailed to writers like Entertainment Weekly's Adam Vary