Easter Framily Dinner

Sunday was our first Easter in the apartment, and we celebrated by inviting over several of our closest friends for a family dinner. The day marked several firsts for me: It was the first time I've used my china, and I've been given pieces since high school. (Doesn't it look pretty??) My mother and grandmother are excellent cooks, and growing up, I found cooking more frustrating than fun. My younger siblings are also good cooks, so they helped with kitchen duty. On major holidays, I was given the esteemed job of... table-setting. I know where the silverware goes and I can fold a mean napkin. But keeping all the steps and ingredients straight has always intimidated me. This year, one of my goals is to become more comfortable in the kitchen, to be able to cook things I'm not embarrassed for guests to try, and maybe even to start enjoying the process and not just the final product. Sunday was only the second time I cooked the main entree—and both times it was honey-baked ham! I also made blueberry muffins (Thanks for that one, too, Mom!) and mashed potatoes. Not feeling like an expert yet, but I definitely was pleased with the results. 
I don't have any great pictures of it, but the ham on the left-hand corner is my mother's recipe. It's the one I pull out for special occasions to make my friends believe I'm a better cook than I am. You know what I mean, I think everybody has one. But in the interests of helping out other aspiring-chefs, I'm sharing the top-secret-sugar-infused-honey-baked-ham. Enjoy!

Honey-Baked Ham:
recipe tbd (as soon as I get home!)

We also made a round of Peach Bellinis with this easy recipe:

1. Make peach puree by removing skins and pits form ripe peaches, cutting and blending in a blender on medium until well processed. You can also use a thick peach nectar or buy puree, which is what we did.
2. Puree fresh or frozen raspberries in a blender or food processor.
3. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of peach puree in the bottom of a wine glass or tall champagne flute.
4. Pour Italian sparkling wine into the glass until nearly full. Garnish with frozen strawberry or peach if desired.

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