Baseball Inspiration

My husband is a lifelong Yankees fan, and though my loyalty still belongs to the Royals, I am learning to root for the boys in pinstripes.

Things I like about the Yankees:
  1. They win. A lot. Which is fun, I'll admit.
  2. The team has such incredible history.
  3. The stadium is a quick train away.
  4. We can get cheap seats and make it a fun date.
  5. They wear pinstripes.
  6. Justin loves them.
Things I do not like about the Yankees:
  1. Their massive payroll.
  2. They steal players from the Royals, who have a teeny payroll.
  3. The food is expensive (albeit delicious.)
  4. My extended family despises them.

We went to batting practice on Saturday, which was a fun way to make a day of it. (Usually, we show up right before the first inning because we're coming from work. So I enjoyed the afternoon game for a change.) And I know, you shouldn't take pictures of strangers' children, but he was so precious as he patiently waited for a stray ball to get hit into the stands!
I do not have a son, nor any children for that matter. But during my recent playing on the Library of Congress' incredible archives, I've come across some amazing historical baseball photos that would be so cool in a boy's bedroom—and transition very well as he ages! In the spirit of baseball season, these are from the Library of Congress and the NYPL. Enjoy, and go Yanks!

From top-to-bottom: the 1907 Chicago World Series; George Sisler with Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb in 1924; a portrait of young Babe Ruth; "Bugs" Raymond in 1911

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