(Rifle) Paper Calendars

I am a sucker for a good, paper calendar. I try to keep appointments in my Blackberry and it just never seems permanent enough for me to remember. My friend Erin and I have had our Kate Spade planners for more than a decade now (I know, embarrassing), and there's always something so exciting about buying the upcoming year's inserts.

But I am also a big fan of Anna Bond's work and am always thrilled when Rifle Paper Co. comes out with new products. (I actually wanted her to design our wedding invitations but she was booked for the summer. C'est la vie.) This morning, I got the email about her 2012 calendars and notepads, and was thrilled to see the beautiful new designs. Her florals manage to be both elegant and whimsical at once. Check the botanical calendar and the rest of the new items here!

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