Roosevelt Island

This morning, J and I went to Roosevelt Island to check out the Riverwalk Court apartments. 

They were, in a word, glorious. Or sunny. Floor-to-ceiling windows, facing either Manhattan or Queens, and right by the river. This is the view from my favorite, looking towards Queens. The summer sunlight just flooded the place, and it's still fresh-paint white and untarnished. We're not in a place to buy or even rent (and we're not engaged or anything!) but it's fun to come get ideas and dream a little.

We've been obsessed with Roosevelt Island for awhile now. The island is a secret gem between the Upper East Side and Queens, with amazing views and lots of green space. The rents are relatively inexpensive, and residents get to be right up close to the water. Even Riverside Drive apartments don't get that close because of Riverside Park and the West Side Highway. There aren't a lot of amenities on the island—one dry cleaners, two grocery stores, etc. But there are several parks, a community garden, jogging paths all the way around, and two hospitals.

Below are shots of the community garden near the Octagon and the someday-to-be Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.

When the time comes to pick another place to live, we'll see where we end up. But days at Roosevelt Island are always an easy break from the hectic pace of the city.

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