Italy: Milan to Verona

After a long week at work, we were ready for vacation to begin. We landed in Milan, jet-lagged and brain-dead. Heading straight to the station, we managed to drag ourselves onto the train to Verona. 

In Verona, we collapsed at the hotel. We sat down on the bed, and a "15 minute nap, I swear" turned into 2 hours. We woke, though, and were still able to spend the afternoon and evening getting a taste of the old city. The Arena (now used as a concert venue), the old Castelvecchio, and Juliet's balcony (cheesy, but a must-see) were enough tourist spots for us. As we searched for a place to eat dinner, we kept seeing people drinking these orange beverages. Curious, we asked our waiter what they were, and ordered a round. That night, we discovered Aperol spritzers, a refreshing blend of Aperol, seltzer and sparkling wine. We ate an amazing dinner in the Piazza BrĂ —our first pizza and gelato of the trip! Then, we went back to our hotel, listening to the sounds of the children still playing games and dancing in the street festival, before collapsing in our room for good.

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