Easter in Texas

This Easter weekend, I met my family down in Fort Worth, Texas. The above images are the Water Gardens in Downtown Ft. Worth. They've been closed for several years and recently reopened. When my parents were in grad school, they used to take me down here to play. I remember hopping from one block the another, trying to avoid falling in the water. Today, I watched my little sisters and their friends do exactly the same thing.

Next, we headed to the Stockyards for lunch at Riscky's BBQ. We were just in time for the afternoon cattle drive down Exchange Avenue.

While we were down there, the kids all got cowboy boots from the Justin Outlet! (They're not listed on the company's website, but you can find them here.) It's a great place to get discounted boots from one of the country's best manufacturers. I have a pair of my mom's old Justin boots from when she was in high school, and they're still in great shape!
The next day, everybody headed to the Fort Worth Zoo. Children see animals in such a different way than adults, and it's always a gift to get to experience their wonder and excitement, even if the focus of their enthusiasm is taking a nap.
(Jake, this one's for you!)
Easter morning came pretty early for my brother and I. We got up before 6 to drive to Highland Village and go to The Village Church's early service. It was my home church in college, and I've missed the preaching there. It was great to go back for a Sunday.
Then, we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for a big, extended family brunch. (I'll add more details about that later!)

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