4 Years, 3 Apartments Later...

... also 1 marriage, 1 graduation, 1 bedbug infestation, zero pets, zero muggings, countless books, too many jobs and lots of love, prayers and dreams.

Today is the 4-year anniversary of my move to New York City. My roommate and I packed everything into a Budget Truck named Betsy and drove from Texas to Missouri, from Missouri to New York. We arrived on a Saturday morning at 6 am, after having spent the night at Howard Johnson in Hoboken. I started grad school on Sunday and things haven't slowed down much since. Lots of ups and downs, highs and lows, and every cliché I could throw at you, but in all seriousness, moving here has changed my life for good.
At the time, I thought this was absolutely hilarious.
 I sawed the legs down on my bed so we could still escape out the fire escape.
 The view from our fire escape. Not much, but the sunshine was wonderful!
 Stocking up at Bed Bath and Beyond...
It was teeny, but somehow, most everything fit!

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