Design-friendly Dishracks

Our management company has begun slowly installing dishwashers in the units in our building. For a low monthly cost ($10-15), residents no longer have to scrub everything by hand. J and I are contemplating the addition, but it would be difficult to give up one of our few under-counter cabinets. Decisions, decisions!

In the meantime, I'm bearing with our Ikea Kvot rack and admiring the selection I saw on The New York Times today. Designer Richard Joseph picked out some of his favorite "dish drainers." I've included some of his and my own in the roundup below. Which are your favorites? While the Kvot isn't the most stylish, it does fold up neatly beneath the sink. However, extra points go to several of these that have a cutlery holder, which would keep my flatware from streaking so much. Any other good suggestions—or would you forsake it all and go with the dishwasher when given the option?
1. Ikea Flundra, $2.99
2. Norpro's classic Pine Wood Folding Rack, $15.99
3. Geo Dish Drainer at A+R Store, $48
4. Abode New York's High & Dry dishrack by Black + Blum, $59.99
5. simplehuman Steel Frame Dish Rack at Williams Sonoma, $69.95
6. Dish Doctor by Marc Newson at the MoMA Store, $70

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