Back to School Project: Crayonspiration

(Photo by saruhh01)
As a child, I used to obsess over my school supplies. Every time I got a new box of crayons or markers, I would dump them out and put the pieces back in the box—in rainbow order. The pinnacle of achievement was when Crayola started making boxes with 96 crayons. (My brother, for some reason, found it the pinnacle of annoyance to watch me organize.)

This art project is by Whatever—check out more images and get the full instructions here. (I was originally turned onto the idea by Poppytalk.) Essentially, you glue crayons onto a board, prop it up at an angle and then use a blowdryer to melt the crayons onto the page.
Here's another, slightly more textured version of the same fun project by [F41NT]:
It sounds like the ladies at Our Best Bites share my love for school supplies. They created these adorable candy crayons, which would make a perfect First Day of School snack! Got any other creative school-themed crafts?
(Photo via Our Best Bites)

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