Italianspiration: Travel Organizers

It's Monday, which means I am already thinking of next weekend and my next adventures. My thoughts are also turning towards our upcoming Italy trip in September. In the midst of figuring out where to go, what to wear, and what to pack, I've been pondering ways to streamline the process. We are attempting to share a suitcase or just bring two small roll-a-boards that we can easily schlep onto the train. But one thing we've also discussed is whether to bring a laptop, iPad, Kindle, or any of the other devices that seem to power our lives (and weigh down my purse!)

Last week, I was thrilled by this innovative Vintage Book Travel-Tech Organizer by Design*Sponge's talented diy-er Kate Pruitt.

It's a pretty ingenious way of carrying everything, and the elastic bands adapt to the different sizes of cords and accessories, so you don't have to carry the exact same ones in the same spot each time. Although, I admit I haven't quite figured out what size bag I'd need to carry a book that size. But the purpose is to keep it all organized, and my satchel does get very bulky in places from everything thrown in together. Plus, it would save me from getting all those cords tangled up! (I have limited patience and tend to yank whatever end I find first, which usually means I have multiple cords knotted together.) If I manage to make it to Brooklyn Flea this weekend, I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for an old book to give this a try.
As an alternative, I was pleased to discover this gadget tote from Martha Sewart, circa 2005. It's a slightly more space-saving way to keep all your gadgets together. And since it only requires a dish towel and some sort of ribbon or twill tape as a closure, this solution is both time- and budget-friendly. Got any other good (and cute) suggestions?

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