Local Haunt: Franz James Floral

I've got a little story and a couple shout-outs today. I received an offer this week for a freelance project, at a company I've been wanting to work for more. All of this is exciting, of course, and I went home that night to talk over everything at dinner with Justin. (We tried Cédric—another new Harlem place, and it was wonderful. It's named after UES Le Bilbouquet's general manager Cédric Lecendre, who lives in the neighborhood and was completely charming and helpful during our meal.)

But back to my evening... I walked in the door to see this:
Somehow, Justin had managed to rush home, drop off his stuff, and then run to the florist. He made me feel so celebrated and encouraged. The really sweet coincidence was that in the hunt for flowers, he went to try Franz James Floral Boutique. He was helped by James (whose business partner is Franz), who talked him through the flowers. As Justin was looking at designs, he mentioned that the shapes and designs reminded him of Flowers of the World—the incredible UWS boutique that he's bought my "special occasion flowers" in the past. Turns out, James used to work there as a designer/creative director (I think that was his role!) But he recently left to go out on his own. We're thrilled that they're in the neighborhood now. He's created several bouquets that marked some very special moments in my life, so it gave a special night another layer of meaning. Here are some from over the years...

This Valentine's bouquet of pink/lavender roses was in a beautiful ceramic jewel box that I still have and keep cards and notes in. It's a lovely, more permanent reminder. :)
The above flowers are from my two most recent birthdays. The blue/purple bouquet brightened up an otherwise very drab office. For the pink one, Justin also made a scrapbook of trips—ones we'd taken and ones we will take together in the years to come.
Read more about Franz James Floral opening here and give them a call next time you need flowers—they deliver throughout all the boroughs and even New Jersey.

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