Local Haunt: Harlem Tavern

Tonight, we went to dinner at Harlem Tavern. We had watched eagerly all spring as the brick walls rose around the perimeter, as the interior of the bar was outfitted, as the neon sign was hung, and finally as the outdoor furniture appeared. The time had come to try it out. Harlem Tavern is the only beer garden in the neighborhood; it provides one of the largest outdoor dining areas nearby, too. Often, I'll get off the train and see a line of people waiting outside the wall, waiting for a table. It's one of the best places to take a big group—the long benches are perfect for lingering with a bunch of friends.

Our food and drinks were generally pretty good. (The beer selection is also supposed to be impressive, but we didn't sample.) We figured that the menu might still be hit-or-miss as the new staff works out the kinks. Our salad wasn't amazing, but we loved the fried green tomato flat bread. We'll definitely be back soon with friends to enjoy one of these few remaining summer nights!

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