Midcentury Lovin'

Midcentury style and the color aqua are two of my favorite things. (I find it fortuitous that the color was so prevalent during the 50s and 60s.) Consequently, this article in the NYTimes made my heart pitter-patter for so many reasons.
(Photo by Nancy Palmieri for The New York Times)
Blogger Pam Kueber began Retro Renovation in 2007 and it's become the go-to place for midcentury homeowners and enthusiasts. Whether they're hunting for a vintage pink tile resource or light fixtures to complement a 1950s bungalow, "Midcentury Modest" homeowners turn to Kueber—and her dozens of other bloggers—for help. It's a place to share the tips and trials of restoring a midcentury home to an authentic state. Kueber's long-sought, turquoise set of steel kitchen cabinets make me absolutely envious!

Check out more photos of her home and other Retro Renovation-ists or read the story of their online community here. For more inspiration or a dose of nostalgia, check out House Beautiful's round up of 1950s and 1960s Kitchens!
(Photo by James Abbe Jr.)
(Photo via House Beautiful)

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